SEAD is a non-governmental, non-profit grouping of professionals established to facilitate public participation and debate on social and economic issues. It also formulates practical solutions to problems its members identify in their communities.


We inform the wider public of social and economic issues through our forums, workshops and seminars;


We influence policy, governmental and otherwise where we can through lobbying efforts and engagement and;


We support programs, projects, and charities that help to develop Jamaica’s social and economics infrastructure.

What We Do


SEAD, since its inception in February 2009 has hosted and/or participated in seven forums dealing with a range of issues, issues such as the Budget debate and the International Monetary Fund, to Leadership and Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship and Motivation.
SEAD has also collaborated with a number of social groups in promoting social development. These groups include, Toybox Charity Foundation, Brothers United, The Lawman Lynch Foundation, and Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation.

Through SEAD’s Facebook group and webpage,, interested persons are invited to participate in conversations and debates that are hoped to lead to solutions formulation. SEAD also supports charities and developmental programs through SEAD’s Invest in Solutions Project (ISP). Through ISP Persons invest (financial or human resources) in the solution or change which they would like to see effected.

Social & Economic Alliance for development is a registered NGO managed by a board of directors.

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